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The Smashing Method For Better Raw Green Beans

Eating green beans raw may be an anomaly, but you may be surprised how well they take to getting smashed. Here's how this method works to create a yummy dish.

The Reason Sous Vide Is Vacuum-Sealed

Sous vide is a method of cooking many folks are still just discovering. But though novel, it's one of the most foolproof ways to produce amazing dishes.

The 14 Absolute Best Uses For Sheet Pans

Whether creating snack boards, setting tables, or using them as a cooking lid or freezer tray, the versatile sheet pan can add value in and out of the kitchen.

Do You Need A Special Pot For Canning?

Canning is a yearly tradition but what happens when the process gets out of hand and more than one canner is needed? Call in the large stainless-steel pot.

Why You Should Stop Throwing Away Basil Stems

When looking at the anatomy of this herb, if you are putting the stems down the garbage disposal, you are allowing a whole lot of flavor to go to waste.

How You Chop Kale Matters More Than You Think

Kale is a versatile, tasty way to get your iron-rich greens into meals, but make sure you chop it carefully. How you chop kale is surprisingly important.