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The Kitchen Tool You Should Be Using For The Creamiest Guac

Whether you're looking to use up almost-gone-bad veggies or simply craving a fresh healthy snack, guacamole is always an easy crowd pleaser to quickly throw together. From the creamy avocado to the sharp bite of fresh garlic to the acidic kick of robust tomatoes, guacamole is easily one of the best dips to exist. However, if your near-perfect dip always comes out just a little too chunky, have no fear. We have the ultimate hack for getting the silkiest guacamole you've ever put into your mouth.

Most guacamole recipes have you mashing the ingredients tediously with a fork or a mortar and pestle. However, these tools often leave a few undesirable chucks left behind, making for an easily overloaded tortilla chip and unbalanced bite of dip. While the go-to option for a more evenly-blended guacamole may be utilizing a food processor, there's another kitchen tool that may take the crown. 

Using a potato ricer for your next batch of guac may be the cure-all for eradicating chunky dip from our dinner tables.

The potato ricer method

If you aren't familiar, potato ricers are an underrated kitchen tool that look like an enlarged garlic press. According to the Farmers' Almanac, the tool has a circular "plunger" attached to the top handle, and a "perforated receptacle" attached to the bottom. When the handles are pushed together, the plunger pushes the food inside the receptacle through many tiny holes at the bottom of the tool. Magnificently, your softened potatoes, cooked apples, or, in this case, ripe avocados, are altered to silky-smooth perfection.

Cuisine At Home recommends using a potato ricer to achieve an ultra-creamy guacamole at home. All you need to do is simply place your avocado pieces into the ricer then squeeze the handles together over a bowl. The velvety avocado will fall right into the mixing bowl, but the aid of a spatula may be needed to scrape any remaining avocado off the outside of the ricer.

Epicurious adds this method is not only ideal for achieving the creamiest guacamole, but it's also time saving. Pushing avocado halves through the ricer can be done in almost no time, and the additional ingredients can be mixed right into the creamy goodness once it's all in the bowl. Now you're ready to create your most rewarding bowl of guacamole yet.